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Welcome to Promotional I.T. Solutions, Australia’s leading importer & wholesalers of creative consumer electronic merchandise, dedicated to the advertising & marketing industry.

At 26 years young we have outlived booms & busts because we know what we are doing and how to do it. Our past expertise was dealing with the computer industry and taking that knowledge and understanding and implementing within the promotional product industry.

To say we were the 1st in bringing product to market is so true in the past as it holds true today. Our dedication to you the distributor is equal with a dedicated supply chain from China, USA, England and the EU. Overseas suppliers choose us to represent their brand and their range because of our dedication, integrity and being singly minded focus on 1 category.

Everyone can do generic products but we go further by providing unique & creatively crafted electronic merchandise from companies like Brand Charger. Marketing to all but selling through our network

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is essentially about doing the right things in terms of your work place, the way you run your business, who your overseas suppliers are and being aware of your environment. We all have a duty to be socially and environmentally responsible not only in our private life but also in our corporate structure.

Every one of our Chinese suppliers we inspect on a yearly basis to ensure their business practices are in line with world best practice. Many will have ISO9001, SA8000, BSCI or their own internal practice and procedure along international lines. We do not deal with random suppliers who do not have a proven business.

Brand Charger

Quality & Safety First - Caprina is bringing a leading world Tech Company to Market with safe & high quality electronic product. Brand Charger is amongst the first to achieve "Product Safety Aware" status in PPAI Products Safety Awareness Program.

From its humble beginnings in 2011 designing and creating products in the Netherlands, today it is represented throughout the world with corporate head office based in Hong Kong and manufacturing facilities in China.

21 industry awards in just 2 years, is testament to who and what Brand Chargers represents.

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